PT Darmawan Putra Perkasa is one of the specialist distributor of pipe sales in Indonesia, consisting of pipes, fittings, & flanges. Where it can fulfil the needs of pipe materials and supply an suitable and effective solution for any problems related to piping, including waterways, gases, chemicals, etc. or even for industrial uses and other construction material needs, whether in dozen or retail item.
Monarchy Production help PT Darmawan Putra Perkasa to visualize their needs, start from logo, brochure, and website. Based on the original identity of PT Darmawan Putra Perkasa and creative ideas, Monarchy Production team started to build the new concept for PT Darmawan Putra Perkasa.

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PT Darmawan Putra Perkasa


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Pipe Distributor


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Jl Taman Gapura E1/37, Citraland Surabaya

0812 3121 288

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